Letters to the Editor

Wallace letter: Donald Trump

Regarding Lynne Mattison’s letter to Trump supporters. Ms. Mattison’s left-handed insult of anyone that voted for Trump was well noticed. Unfortunately, her assessment of Trump’s accomplishments reads way too much of CNN et al. Eight years of Obama brought us $20 trillion of debt and a realistic unemployment rate of about 10 percent … factoring in the many millions who gave up hope and went on eternal welfare. I work in an industry that is a bellwether of the economy and in the past few months we’ve seen a great difficulty, for the first time in 10 years, of finding employees. As for the nuclear blame Ms. Mattison seems to wish to assign to Trump, that blame resides with his three most recent predecessors who gave North Korea the means and materials that have brought us here. The time has come, Ms. Mattison, to turn off the leftist echo chamber and open your eyes to the progress this president is trying to give us all. BTW, I voted against Hillary rather than for Trump and haven’t regretted a single day off it — even if I do wish he showed a much higher level of decorum.

Rod Wallace, Boise