Letters to the Editor

Potter letter: Assisted living residents

Idaho’s seniors’ rights are under attack. Quietly, the Department of Health and Welfare is eliminating seniors’ rights. Hardworking, productive citizens who raised good families are losing their freedoms.

Survey teams are sent to interrogate and intimidate assisted living residents with one goal: what is wrong. If a resident answers questions inappropriately or displays memory issues (assisted living was established to provide a safe environment as people age), he can be required to move against his will. This after months or years of establishing a home in a welcoming community environment surrounded by caring people. Idaho can overrule the senior and his family under the guise of protection. Essentially, our seniors are being sent to jail (a locked-down facility).

Idaho does offer one other option besides this move: mandatory 24-hour supervision, which few can afford.

Adult communities fear accepting residents after a hospital stay because of possible fines.

Recently an Idahoan experienced this nightmare. “Why are they doing this (a forced move)?” “This is my home; what have I done wrong?” he asked. These Gestapo-like tactics are heart-wrenching.

Something must change. Please speak out against Idaho Health and Welfare’s abuse of our precious seniors.

Clayton Potter, Boise