Letters to the Editor

Bishop letter: Salmon

Once again the Idaho Fish and Game Department has kicked the can down the road. In the face of the worst salmon returns in 40 years and steelhead numbers diving, F&G decided to open season on the fish. Yes, they did lower daily take from three to two and limit size of take to 28 inches. This action can best be described as spitting on a forest fire.

Salmon returns this year are in critical condition. The goal for wild steelhead returns is 90,000. So far we have seen just 30,000. Sockeye goals are 2,000 and the return number was eight. A group of Northwest senators introduced U.S. Senate bill 3144, which would push back any progress made and postpone progress to 2022. No one in our congressional group will take up the cause to save and restore our salmon. Excuses are used to justify the loss of these fish: climate change, energy, barges, on and on. Anyone who can read the evidence will realize that the four lower Snake River dams are the culprit. Summer temperatures in those lakes reach 72 degrees. Salmon die above 68 degrees.

While the doctors argue about causes, the patient lay dying.

Nick Bishop, Boise