Letters to the Editor

Wardwell letter: Climate change

The Oct. 15 Statesman article about a novel that accurately predicted the California firestorm also cited facts regarding record heat waves, droughts, precipitation and sea level increases. In 1980s, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also predicted larger, more destructive hurricanes from warming oceans.

Climate change does not directly cause hurricanes, but scientists know that consequences of sea-level rise, warmer oceans and increased atmospheric moisture are undeniable climate change factors (in addition to land subsidence from oil extraction) that made Hurricane Harvey more deadly.

The Citizens Climate Lobby proposed a compromise between regulation and free-market ideas called Carbon Fee & Dividend (CF&D). It prices carbon at the source or imports at $15/ton and slowly increases it yearly, making carbon pollution more expensive. All the funds minus administrative costs (no added cost to Treasury and no new taxes) are returned to every household monthly, keeping our economy strong and cash flow steady. It’s 100 percent revenue neutral.

We currently are regulated to pay for garbage and sewerage collection and treatment to avoid disease and pestilence. Likewise pricing carbon pollution allows market forces to avoid it and its destructive consequences. Contact citizensclimatelobby.org for more information.

Ed Wardwell, Boise