Letters to the Editor

Angell letter: Cartoon

I doubt that I am the sole reader of the Statesman to voice total disgust at the the tasteless “cartoon” from The Washington Post which appeared in your Friday, Oct. 20, issue ridiculing President Trump. The purpose of a cartoon is to amuse and/or make jest of a person or incident. This so-called cartoon does neither and its sole purpose is an attempt to further demean and discredit President Trump. To use a deceased serviceman as part of it is completely inappropriate, offensive and should be an embarrassment to every American. As a veteran, I’ve lived through many presidents, who were far from perfect but all were Americans who totally supported our servicemen no matter the situation, and our current president is no different. This “cartoon” serves no purpose. It is yet another sleazy attempt to further divide our country among political lines and encourage discord and hatred among our citizens. The editor and staff should be ashamed of printing such rubbish.

Robert R. Angell, Boise