Letters to the Editor

Silva letter: Future leader

Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, an Independentrepublicrat will surface who will have the following credentials. They have everything in their memory about the world, whether you believe in Adam and Eve or the monkeys. They will have the knowledge of every society and their customs that existed. All wars and types of government will be in their memory.

They will be able to deal with all types of people, all races, all egos, political ideology, religions and their needs. They will be able to digest massive quantities of information on a daily basis and come up with solutions that will satisfy everyone. They will work tirelessly that all the decisions were carried out fairly and honestly.

They will give the country the straight news every day. They will be available to anyone that has complaints and solutions. They will act on it for the benefit of all people.

They will be fair to all countries we interact with. Listen to them and do what is fair, first for the United States, and then the good of the world. They will help create rules and laws for immigration.

It will have to be a robot with artificial intelligence.

Dave Silva, Boise