Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: F-35s

We need to support a long-term manned flight mission at Gowen Field. The sound you hear is the sound of protection and love of America. It is a pride and honor to hear the great sound of our military planes. Many military work many hours to protect the USA.

Do you know that the Idaho Air National Guard is a major employer in our Treasure Valley? Thirteen hundred direct employees, over 600 full-time and 700 part-time employees. That is $136 million annual total labor income that impacts our city.

This will boost our economy by bringing in great civilian jobs to Gowen Field and many opportunities as the aircraft support systems are maintained by civilian contractors who will live in our community. Do you realize that Boise is the only city west of the Mississippi River being considered for this mission?

We are a great nation and our state is a great state. Stand up for our military.

April Howard, Boise