Letters to the Editor

Schooley letter: Donald Trump

While the greatest con man of all time tries to keep everyone focused on matters of little importance, he and his cohorts are pushing us to the brink of disaster. The great Concheato has insulted all of our allies around the world without any knowledge of what he is talking about. He has threatened to start a nuclear war, he has taken the U.S. out of the world environment picture, he has pulled out of the Iran agreement, and daily attacks someone just to keep eyes turned from the terrible things he is doing. While Concheato’s basketful of billionaire appointees get out the jackhammers and begin to chisel away at the Constitution. Meanwhile the misdirector of the E.P.A. is on a mission to turn our nation into a steaming, stinking, sewer. Sad.

Note: To the four comedians in D.C. from Idaho – Moe, Larry, Curly Joe and Shemp – the NRA called and said even after you leave public office they are still going to keep your souls. Bought.

Paul Schooley, Boise