Letters to the Editor

Daley letter: Donald Trump

I love to watch my toddler grandson as he works his way through the “caveman” stage of life. He loves to draw attention to himself, to throw tantrums (and objects), and to be predictably contrary to suggestions. The surest way to get him to throw something at his brother is to tell him not to.

Sadly, scarily, this behavior seems to describe our president. Advisers to the president, who have careers of experience in international diplomacy, advised the president not to personally insult Kim Jong Un. That advice was followed by a Trump tweet threatening to destroy “little rocket man” and his country.

The president’s chief of staff — a lifetime military man, a general, a man who lost his own son in combat overseas, a man who had to inform other parents of the fate of their soldier overseas — advised the president not to call the grieving parents. And, of course, the president did. And, of course, being a man of limited words and zero experience in wartime loss or even personal sacrifice, he botched it.

So sad. So scary.

Dave Daley, Boise