Letters to the Editor

James letter: Boise stadium

There is still a certain class of people who think the government should never build or own anything. I guess they also oppose city-owned parks, schools, roads and libraries. Now they are out in force again, this time in opposition to the proposed baseball stadium. They argue that if it were a profitable venture then private business would build it. I counter that reasoning. This stadium is not being for the Hawks. It is being built for the people. Does anyone really think the Hawks get to get it for free? The city will be the owner and the tenants will pay rent to the city. That is the people. Additionally this stadium will serve a much bigger purpose than as a home to sports teams. It can serve as an outdoor amphitheater for concerts. It can host other types of shows or even serve as convention space. Cities spend plenty of money on things that don’t make any money. Let us now build something that will generate revenue to build new roads, parks, schools and libraries.

Leroy James, Boise