Letters to the Editor

Killam letter: Responding to letters

I’m writing about the letters from Sasha Fisher and Michal Voloshen which appeared in the Oct. 20 edition.

I totally agree with Sasha that we need love. People have forgotten God. Maybe the churches should be more active in this. As predicted in Revelation, people’s love will grow cold. Maybe the only cure for this is the second coming.

Concerning Michal’s letter, I agree something needs to be done. As a member of the NRA, I believe law abiding citizens should be allowed to own firearms for hunting, target shooting, collecting, etc. Fully automatic firearms are essentially illegal. She says the Constitution didn’t allow women and blacks to vote. Originally it didn’t, but later amendments did.

Most, if not all, of the shooters were known to be mentally ill, but were not treated or hospitalized for it. I’d like to know why. Essentially, this is not a failure of firearms laws, but a failure of the mental health system. The mental health system desperately needs overhauling.

Herb Killam, Wilder