Letters to the Editor

Savino letter: Harvey Weinstein

Exposing Harvey Weinstein …

Official valuation of the privately held Weinstein Co., which has about 150 employees in offices in Los Angeles and New York City, is not available. Weinstein told the Hollywood Reporter last year the company was worth $700-$800 million. His personal wealth is about $255 million including his wife.

As always, rich wealthy Hollyweird moguls dominate the Democratic funding for the destruction of America by giving most of their donated wealth to crooked politicians in both parties. Weinstein is a long time donor to the crooked clintons and huge fund supporter to the Democratic Party. Also notice other liberal big money donors having no comment about him … since they too are morally corrupt. Michael Moore? Anthony Weiner? … And how could we forget nut job Weiner preying on high school girls.

While we can’t stop sick rich liberal depraved perverts, there’s something we can do. Stop voting for Democrats … forever. Waiting in the wings are losers Biden, Warren, Brown, Sanders and … yes Oprah. Maybe Hillary will try again … three times a charm. Why not? We all could use another liberal failure, right? Clinton/Weinstein 2020 … but who’s laughing?


Dano Savino, Nampa