Letters to the Editor

Harris letter: State Street

Stephen Fischer’s guest opinion regarding the pending destruction of State Street was a breath of fresh air. The near ownership of the Mayor’s office, the City Council and now ACHD by the electorate of the North End of Boise is evident by the ongoing attempts to turn the west side of the city into nothing but a rapid transit path into downtown. The pending destruction of West State Street is another example of the domination of city government by the generally liberal interests of the North Boise population and their drive to turn Boise into a Portland or San Francisco (trolley system anyone?). The attempt and pending plan to turn State Street into another Chinden Boulevard and Northwest Boise into a new Garden City in order to further this ridiculous goal should encourage the voters of west and northwest Boise to start voting in city elections which are usually dominated by downtown voters.

Jim C. Harris, Boise