Letters to the Editor

Rizzo letter: Tobacco

Another new study, this one from Virginia Tech, qualifies nicotine as a carcinogen. The patterns of mutation found, were similar to those observed in cells experiencing oxidative stress, a known precursor to cancer.

Harold Garner, director of the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute’s Medical Informatics and systems division, stated, “For the first time they directly measure large numbers of genetic variations caused only by nicotine, showing that nicotine alone can mutate the genome and initiate a cancer state.” (Medical News Today)

Cessation of all nicotine-containing products will greatly reduce the potential for nicotine-related cancers. If you really want to quit tobacco, vapes, e-cigarettes, classes are available through the health districts for free. Another way to quit is hypnosis, which has a high success rate.

COPD has been linked to smoking. Mouth, throat, and lung cancers are common in smokers and people that chew tobacco.

Now we can add vapes and e-cigs to the list of cancer-causing products. Free yourself from life-long addictions like tobacco and vapes. For free classes from your health district, call 208-455-5321 in Canyon County, or 208-327-8543 in Ada County, or call me at 208-250-6575. Call today.

Carl Rizzo, Tobacco Cessation, Nampa