Letters to the Editor

McClenahan letter: El Nino

I appreciated the article written by Seth Borenstein in the Oct. 15 edition about recent El Nino years producing more carbon dioxide in the air. While this is a natural phenomena causing more heating in the upper atmosphere, the three billion tons of carbon it creates is still dwarfed by the 10 billion tons a year that comes from burning coal, oil and gas. I also learned that during these El Nino periods plants only absorb 5 percent of human-caused carbon emissions, in other years it has been around 25 percent. While it is unclear that El Nino periods are getting more powerful because of human caused carbon emissions it’s important that we try to reduce our emissions through green power generation sources. If there is natural warming going on it is imperative that human caused carbon dioxide emissions are reduced radically and quickly.

Janet McClenahan, Boise