Letters to the Editor

Viehweg letter: Elect Mitchell

My husband and I would like to declare our support for Jill Mitchell, who is running for Eagle City Council. We have lived in Eagle for over 20 years and personally known Jill for over 25 years. Jill is a person of integrity. She is honest and a hard worker. She regularly supports local businesses, and can often be seen riding her bike or walking her dog in Eagle.

Jill is serving on the local library board and has her MLIS, allowing her to work as a librarian for three years. She also has her Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is currently seeing patients at a clinic in Eagle.

Her goals for Eagle include improvements at the library, keeping open spaces and planning for new parks. Jill also wants to expand our river trail system. We enjoy many outdoor activities with our children and grandchildren at parks and we use the Greenbelt often. Jill’s goals and plans are what Eagle needs.

Deborah and John Viehweg, Eagle