Letters to the Editor

Viano letter: Elect Mitchell

I am writing as a resident of Idaho since 1975 and a resident of Eagle since 1988. When we built our house, Eagle was a town of 2,600. Now it is over 26,000.

Most people who move to Eagle enjoy the small-town, rural atmosphere. Much of that is changing before our eyes. Growth is inevitable and managing that growth is complex. We are electing two new City Council members on Nov. 7 who will have a huge impact on what Eagle will look like in the years to come.

My experience is that council members who accomplish the most are people who have no special interest ties, no overriding agenda and no ax to grind. They also listen more and talk less. They work well with people who have varying points of view and they understand that it’s necessary to do your homework in order to make good decisions.

For these reasons I feel our best choice is Jill Mitchell. Your vote really does make a difference. Many city races are won by only a handful of votes, so I hope you will join me in voting for Jill on Nov. 7.

Nancy Viano, Eagle