Letters to the Editor

Stokes letter: Elect Kling

I am a recent university graduate and returned home to Nampa for the summer. I intend to continue my education and was hoping to find summer employment, not just for money to help pay for school, but also to find something that would challenge me and contribute to my knowledge and skill set.

Thanks to Debbie Kling, that happened for me. She did not just hire me, she mentored me. I was able to assist in statistical research, strategic planning, opposition research and data analysis. I finished my summer work with greater knowledge, enhanced respect for our political system, desire to participate in Nampa’s future and new skill sets. I owe this all to Debbie Kling and to those involved in her campaign, a tremendous group of city leaders.

I proudly cast my absentee ballot for Debbie Kling. I ask you to vote for her as well.

Liam Patrick Stokes, Nampa