Letters to the Editor

Sharp letter: Elect Kling

Bob Henry has allowed conflicts of interest to occur in matters under consideration by the Nampa City Council. For example, a council member is allowed to make presentations before the council from which he would receive remuneration. We have witnessed this in recent meetings. When questioned on recusal during a recent meeting, the city attorney said recusal by a member only means that he may not participate in deliberation or voting. Many people believe presenting, discussing, questioning, answering and rebutting constitute conflicts that should not be allowed in this forum.

As a CPA and chief financial officer participating in board meetings in the corporate world, a member with a conflict of interest is not allowed to be in the room during consideration of a conflicted proposal.

Mr. Henry does not agree this represents a conflict of interest. I believe the mayor must be above reproach in defending the public trust in matters like this.

Debbie Kling, my candidate for mayor, does not share his view, noting that other Idaho cities and towns do not allow such practices in their codes of ethics. Debbie supports a new code to prevent even a perception of “good ol’ boy” city governance.

Ted Sharp, Nampa