Letters to the Editor

Pauls letter: Elect Gold, Mitchell

We soon will be electing two new Eagle City Council members. There are four candidates running, with the highest two vote-getters winning Council seats. One of these candidates, Robert Koellisch, was telling voters that he and Kenny Pittman were running their campaigns together. However, Pittman denies this statement. Koellisch is injecting divisive partisan politics into a nonpartisan election.

Koellisch is currently vice-chair of the Planning & Zoning Committee, but has missed 41 percent of the scheduled meetings from Jan. 1, 2017, to date. At least one of the missed meetings resulted in cancellation for lack of a quorum. Is this who we want on the City Council?

His assertion that the opposition wants to make Eagle a “Sanctuary City” like Seattle is laughable. He has now come out against the Comprehensive Plan that he, as a member of the P&Z committee, voted to approve. He has been endorsed by The Boise Regional Realtors and Building Contractors Association. How’s that for financial influence?

I recommend Miranda Gold and/or Jill Mitchell. These ladies will bring experience and dedication to the council.

James Pauls, Eagle