Letters to the Editor

Nieto letter: Star recall

Rebuttal to “Star recall election” letter by Ray Stokes, Oct. 30.

Mr. Stokes called the recall of Mayor Bell and Councilman Nielsen “evil” and “vengeful.” The use of these hateful words is an attempt to deflect focus from the valid and legal reasons behind the recall.

The recall is on the ballot due to Mayor Bell and Councilman Nielsen’s attempts to silence Star residents from giving their input at several city hall meetings. In addition, the mayor and councilman did not disclose all pertinent application documents to Star residents regarding the high-density apartment and retail project planned at Idaho 16 and 44.

Currently the application approval process actions of Mayor Bell and Councilman Nielsen are under judicial review. A judge will decide if Mayor Bell and Councilman Nielsen followed all state and local laws in their approval of the high-density apartments and retail project. Some residents who reside in Heron River, which is adjacent to the planned project site, did not receive all documents relating to the project. City Hall meeting minutes in many cases are missing, some documents requested by residents were not forthcoming.

Voters rightfully have a say in how growth is planned for Star.

Susan Nieto, Star