Letters to the Editor

Kemp letter: Go vote

If you don’t vote for leaders who have your interests at heart, then you can assume things won’t change. If only the typical 25 percent show up for our city election, then you can assume things won’t change. If you are disappointed in the direction of national politics but you don’t get involved in local affairs, then you can assume things won’t change.

But, I’m going to assume otherwise. I’m going to assume you have attended a candidate forum and been impressed with the wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds running for the Boise City Council. I’m going to assume you are interested in having the best, not the wealthiest candidates elected to these positions. And I’m going to assume it is more important to know what the candidates stand for, than to just vote for one of the “good ol’ boys” or the most recognizable name on the ballot.

I believe in you. I believe you know how valuable it is to have women and minorities represented. I believe you know experience comes in many forms. I believe you know our youth need role models that look like them. I believe you will be a part of the change.

Mary Kemp, Boise