Letters to the Editor

Fitzgerald letter: Elect Kling

An exemplary leader — vote Debbie Kling for Nampa mayor.

I met Debbie in 2002, when she was executive director of the National Governors Association Annual Meeting. I served with an extraordinary group of people who convened under Debbie’s leadership for over a year to plan this large-scale event. The meeting was held in Boise, post 9/11, so safety and security was of highest priority. Debbie’s command of issues and situations through attentive listening, insightful questions and respect for others was incredible; and her thoughtful preparation and careful planning impressive. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Debbie in a multitude of ways since that time; most recently on the Nampa Chamber Board or Directors, while she’s been the CEO. She is a person of great integrity, a trusted mentor and a faithful friend. Debbie’s talent and work resume are impressive, but her greatest strength is her ability to connect with people. She desires to serve others and leads with integrity and grace. She believes the people of Nampa matter. Debbie Kling’s exemplary leadership is the change Nampa needs. Vote Debbie Kling for mayor on Nov. 7.

Jeanine Fitzgerald, Boise