Letters to the Editor

Ellis letter: Debbie Kling

Say no to cyberbullying. As a mother of four children I strive to teach my children good values and how to stand up for what is right. My husband and I have always taught our children to stand up for those being bullied. And to be a friend to all, regardless of differences. It appalls me to see the current mayor using social media to bully my mom, Debbie Kling, who is also running for mayor. The last thing Nampa needs is a mayor whose morals allow him to behave in that manner. Nampa needs a leader who sets a good example. Not just by what they say, but by how they live. Regardless of what happens in the election, our family can be proud of how my mom and her team have handled themselves. They are kind, compassionate and would never lower their standards to engage in social media bullying.

Krista Ellis, Boise