Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Economics

Threats made by the Koch Brothers, Bannon, the corporations and our American oligarchs against the rank-and-file members of the House and Senate fall barely short of a naked attempt to marginalize democracy. These people are not your friends. If you have any lingering doubt about who would benefit most from the proposed changes to the tax code, pay attention to the threats and openly belligerent stance of money and its pernicious influence on Congress. Of course, the low-income and middle-class people will get a few crumbs, but the meat will be shared at the top of the economic chain, and the deficit will skyrocket.

David Stockman, Reagan’s director of the OMB, stated often that supply side economics and “Trickle Down” do not and will not create a surge in the job market. The Tax Policy Center rightly questions the GOP assumptions about income to be generated by the proposed cuts. History should convince you that these cuts will primarily benefit the wealthy, raise the deficit and only marginally benefit everyone else. Or should we hope for “A Miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue” this Christmas?

Bruce Smith, Ketchum