Letters to the Editor

Lorentz letter: Trump

Trump needs to be removed. He is a threat to our democracy and the safety and well-being of the people in this country. Trump has made an assault on health care and the well-being of the people in this country. He has made it clear through his lying and attempts to mislead, aggressive attacks against the First Amendment and media, that he does not support the concept of democracy or the Constitution. His backing out of the Paris and Iran agreements, undermining NATO, attacking or canceling trade agreements, have significantly reduced our standing in the world and made it plain to allies and friends that we can no longer be trusted or depended upon. His ongoing efforts to try and undermine U.S. institutions such as intelligence and judicial is disheartening. His destruction and dismantling of the State Department decreases the possibility for diplomacy to keep us out of a nuclear war. He is even attacking the people in his own party. A president who is under constant investigation by multiple institutions and his efforts to thwart these same investigations is suspicious. These actions are not those of a competent, responsible individual of good character. We deserve better.

Tom Lorentz, Boise