Letters to the Editor

Donerkiel Letter: Cyclists

In response to walker-cyclist civility, Oct. 11, I am a 22-year resident of Idaho and an avid Foothills mountain biker. I realize there will always be some confrontations on multi-use trails, however I was appalled by the cyclist Justin Haller’s arrogance and ignorance. I am aware that other cities have had major issues with multi-use trails. Fortunately, Boise has for the most part avoided this problem. I would encourage all trail users to abide by trailhead usage signs. As a mountain biker, I am required to yield to all other trail users (with the exception of a downhill biker if I am going uphill). The key to having unfettered trail access is to respect all users. If you have any questions about trail etiquette, check out the Ridge to Rivers website or contact your bike shop. It is a privilege to have the Ridge to Rivers system. My hope is that with mutual respect, everyone can enjoy the trails for years to come.

Jim Donerkiel, Kuna