Letters to the Editor

Thomas letter: F-35s

I have been following with dismay the efforts to station a squadron of F-35 fighter jets at Gowen Field. These jets are reported to be up to 10 times louder than the F-16 jets presently flown by the National Guard at Gowen. Our City Council and mayor favor the proposal. These are the same people who recently passed an ordinance against slightly modified exhaust systems on “cruisers” in downtown Boise.

I have lived in Boise since 1943 and witnessed many changes in our city. In the 1950s or ’60s we were bombarded with sonic booms that broke windows. Also with bumper stickers reading “Sonic booms. The sound of freedom.” Sounder minds prevailed and the booms stopped. I have not heard a sonic boom for ages and I am still “free.” Now we are seeing a new version of the old tired slogan popping up: “F-35 fighter jets. The sound of freedom.”

If the mayor and council approve the basing of F-35 fighter jets at Gowen Field, I propose that those voting for approval move their place of residence under the flight path of departing and landing F-35s.

Welsh Thomas, Ph.D., Boise