Letters to the Editor

Barber letter: Gowen show

Listening to the Thunderbirds flying overhead on that Saturday morning, I began to wonder what the children would learn as they traveled to Gowen Field for the air show.

Undoubtedly parents spoke of freedom. They spoke of a force for good. Would the teaching end there?

They might have mentioned the “Great War,” but left out the part where entire cities were firebombed, left in ashes with hundreds of thousands of women and children dead.

I hope they mentioned Korea, 700,000 civilians dead. And Vietnam, 60,000 US soldiers dead, and if you include suicides, this number doubles. I hope they explained that Vietnamese children are still being born with birth defects from munitions our jets dropped 45 years ago. I hope they pointed to Iraq, a country we destroyed, allowing the exponential growth of ISIS, the enemy we are supposedly fighting today. Maybe they talked about Afghanistan – 16 years after 19 Saudi and Egyptian nationals destroyed the twin towers, Afghanistan’s children are still dying by US bombs.

I hope they mentioned that war enriches the few in America – those who never fight, and that our soldiers, returning from war, kill themselves in unprecedented numbers.

But they never seem to mention that.

Johnny Barber, Boise