Letters to the Editor

Ferdinand letter: Elect Debbie Kling

The Nampa Mayor and City Council look a lot like the gang is running the city.

Nampa taxes have not gone down. Fees have gone up — water, sewer, developer and builder hookup fees.

Yes, the levy rate was lowered because the value of your property went up — your property taxes are still higher this year than they were when Mr. Henry and Mr. Haverfield were elected to lower our taxes and to lower budgets.

Where is the leadership? When a city council member is permitted to represent a developer at a City Council hearing, after voting on the agenda item; then a conflict is clear. Declare your conflicts, let the record show who is paying you.

Special land and property give-a-ways by those in office are troubling.

Nampa, you can do better. Vote for Debbie Kling for leadership and open governance. Break up the gang.

David Ferdinand, Nampa