Letters to the Editor

Willis letter: Elect Debbie Kling

What is our vision for our children and grandchildren in Nampa? For our residents facing retirement?

Lack of vision and leadership is found in our city leadership. We are paying more in property taxes. What are we getting? Look at downtown, our streets (remember last winter), our parks, our failing attempts to bring good high paying jobs to Nampa, our police and fire protections, our aging wastewater treatment facilities, the city zoning plan and the lack of maintaining that plan.

It is time for a new direction for the city. Debbie Kling is that person. She supports improvements that do not cost taxpayers any money but bring in tax revenues to pay for public services. Debbie is a strong fiscal conservative who has been the driving force for the Nampa Chamber. Under her leadership, the chamber has thrived. Debbie has the leadership experience to get the job done. Debbie has served on numerous national industry and community boards. She has a tremendous love for this community, a passion for the business community and a desire to help others succeed.

Debbie Kling provides the vision, leadership, and fiscal conservatism needed to lead our city. Vote for Debbie Kling for mayor.

Jim Willis, Nampa