Letters to the Editor

Pauls letter: Elect Mitchell and Gold

Eagle will be electing two new City Council members on Nov. 7. I plan to vote for Jill Mitchell and Miranda Gold.

Jill will work tirelessly to ensure that the city grows responsibly with our heritage sustained. As a small business owner and healthcare provider, she knows firsthand the value of Eagle’s quality of life and appreciates Eagle’s open shared space. Her key values are balanced growth, a robust local economy, education, trails and recreation. She is currently President-Elect for the Eagle Library Board.

Miranda has advocated Eagle’s unique conservation needs in both her run for Idaho Senate in 2016 and as an unyielding supporter for our community. She loves the open space, the small town feel and the walkable downtown. Her goals for public office represent an understanding to which all local officials should aspire. She is committed to shaping Eagle for now and for the next generation. Miranda will fight for more local control of oil and gas leases/drilling that loom on the horizon in Eagle. She wants to raise her children in a safe and healthy city.

Please join me in my support of a better community by voting for Miranda and Jill. Thank you.

Jeanne Pauls, Eagle