Letters to the Editor

Goldthorpe letter: Elect Bernt and Cavener

I wish to endorse two candidates for the Meridian City Council election, Treg Bernt and Luke Cavener. I have known both for a very long time and have worked successfully with both on various civic boards and commissions. Treg’s experience leading the Parks & Recreation Commission and as a recent member of the Planning and Zoning Commission give him an inside perspective of how the City works. I have heard him say no many times after giving much thought and doing much due diligence on every issue considered. His experience will be invaluable and his learning curve will be extremely short in becoming a valuable member of the Council. Luke is someone I’ve had the same kind of experiences with and I have yet to meet anyone who gives more thought and consideration of differing opinions on the Council than he does. He spends much time on volunteer boards and Commissions as well and I have observed the same regardless of whether or not we have agreed on a particular matter. Luke is an “old soul” as the phrase goes and offers more wisdom in the equation than most individuals his age. Both of these men deserve your vote.

Kent Goldthorpe, Meridian