Letters to the Editor

Steger letter: Solutions

Gun and other violence solutions — Here are two major solutions to gun and other forms of violence such as physical fighting in relationships and families.

Solution No. 1: Gun control. Legislation banning ownership of all fully automatic and semi automatic guns. Unfortunately this legislation would not pass until we have women majorities in the House and Senate. Unfortunately it will never happen in my lifetime.

Solution No. 2: Food and Big Pharma drug control. Junk food and pharmaceutical drugs would not be allowed to advertise on TV. According to an article in the Statesman, Sept. 24, cardiologist and public health scientist Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian “food is the number one cause of poor health in the U.S. Our dietary habits are the leading driver of death and disability, causing an estimated 700,000 deaths each year.” According to Dr. Bruce West, author of Health Alert, junk food adversely affects the brain and can cause abnormal behavior including violence. As in solution 1, a women’s majority in the House and Senate would be needed to pass legislation.

John P. Steger, Boise