Letters to the Editor

Dixon letter: Supporting the Constitution

I support the Constitution of the United States, and I have written and published one book about it. But as I see media supporting “reasonable gun control” against some of the Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment, I would like to provide some “reasonable” of my own.

I will now support the First Amendment (“congress Shall Make no law ... or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”), but I now support a little “reasonable,” a state, or a federal law that would prohibit any sales or money solicitation commercial on TV or radio from being shown or broadcast more than once a week. I am fed up with seeing, and hearing, the exact same commercial shown time after time, several times every hour, all day long, back to back. This would not prohibit commercials, it would just limit “reasonable” their excessive (my opinion) imposition on the time we have for viewing or hearing our publicly owned airwaves.

If you are interested, I might run for the Idaho Legislature with this being the first bill I would support, the second being the removal of the taxes on food in grocery stores in Idaho.

Fritz Dixon, Meridian