Letters to the Editor

Ness letter: Elect Debbie Kling

Make Nampa great again. The city of Nampa is a wonderful city yet I am very concerned about our future and the direction we are heading. What is the vision for our children and grandchildren? Will they be able to find good paying jobs and be able to live here and raise families? This is what vision is all about. Nampa must have new forward looking, fiscally conservative, and realistic planning for what we want our city to be.

Sadly, this is not happening with the incumbent mayor. Unfortunately we’ve had strong-arming and an intimidation type of leadership.

Unlike Nampa’s current mayor, Debbie Kling supports new growth while encouraging appropriate levels of impact fees to meet the growing demands.

We share her visionary leadership. Debbie Kling will help make Nampa great again. I believe in Debbie Kling and in her proven 30-year track record of authentic and dedicated, servant-type leadership in government, including her work in for-profit and not-for profit organizations. Most especially for the great work as president of the Nampa Chamber of Commerce. Debbie Kling is exactly the kind of mayor Nampa needs.

Vote Debbie Kling for mayor.

Douglas Ness, Nampa