Letters to the Editor

Wingate letter: Faith healing

No more deaths from faith healing in Idaho.

The Idaho Legislature can and should act to save children dying from faith-based medical neglect.

Recently three innocent children died in a matter of two months from preventable illnesses.

In the 1970s Idaho and most states enacted religious exemptions to medical neglect to receive federal funding. Since then, records show that 182 Idaho children have died needlessly from preventable illnesses.

Yes, faith-healing parents are at fault. However, they say they will not change. Their church is also at fault, but as misguided as I believe their church tenets are, they too will not change. Therefore, it is up to the Legislature to take corrective action.

Religious exemption laws were enacted by the Idaho Legislature, and the only group that can retract (repeal) these laws is the Idaho Legislature.

Legislators, these child deaths are on you. Only you can stop them. Children should not be dying because of their parents’ beliefs. As adults, if they choose prayer over modern medicine, that is their choice. During their childhood, it is your duty to protect them, and let them live.

Bruce Wingate, founder, Protect Idaho Kids Foundation, Boise