Letters to the Editor

Boyd letter: Injured walker

My heart goes out to Virginia Pearsall for the injuries she sustained after a bicyclist on the trail in Spokane struck her. The cyclist saw her up ahead, but chose to plow into her rather than slow down or (Yikes!) stop. Pearsall is now dealing with bruising, knee and elbow issues, all because the 44-year-old cyclist “hates to slow down.” Instead of offering his regret, this petulant man delivered a vulgar tirade. It’s all about this unevolved man’s need for speed and his ugly narcissism. I sure wish I had been the witness to this assault; I would add my name to the witness list when she takes him to court and watch as Haller tells a judge his lame side of the story. I applaud Mrs. Pearsall for fighting this injustice. Who knows how many others she may protect from this self-absorbed man.

Carol H. Boyd, Boise