Letters to the Editor

Lomax letter: Boise stadium

This Boise stadium proposal is being made without considering the negative impact on the area around it. All reported is the money it will bring in. Awful location. Go look. There are residential buildings all around. JUMP building is a block away so this stadium will cause more and bigger parking problems. Absolutely no consideration given to how the noise, traffic, lights, fireworks will affect people living nearby.

Recent news article states attendance estimate of 5,000 but only 700 parking spaces. Not only that, but you will have to pay for parking or at one of the other garages. Money, money, money — that is what this is about.

Bieter went to Parkview Field in Fort Wayne to see one similar. Googled that field and the location is nothing like where the Boise site is being proposed. Mainly open space, hardly any residential buildings, and absolutely no other event buildings around that would cause a lot of congestion. Go on web and see for yourself.

There are better alternatives — use money to renovate current Hawks stadium, or even better, make a great sports complex at old horse racing track. Both have ample free parking.

Why are alternate sites not being considered? Makes you wonder who’s benefiting.

Cheryl Lomax, Boise