Letters to the Editor

Weitz letter: Gerrymandering

The U.S. Supreme Court will take up gerrymandering. One of the solutions to gerrymandering and to a divided nation is to increase the number of representatives to 1/50,000. Presently, the ratio is about 1/750,000 nationally. Many states are either over-represented of under-represented. For example: Idaho 1/840,000, Vermont 1/625,000, Montana 1/1,000,000.

By increasing membership, moneyed special interests will not have enough money to cover 6,500 representatives. Local issues will be heard. Campaign costs will spiral down. The whirlwind of pressing national issues can be dealt with. The congressional top-down agenda will be better driven by studied subcommittee/committee recommendations that have more time and numbers.

House membership will increase to about 6,500. The House should be relocated to “Flyover America.” With technology, the D.C. location is not important, and for national security, relocation makes sense.

It will cost more. Congressional perks will have to be reformed. Regional offices will not be necessary. A new location could lessen the D.C. cost of living. Political moderation will prevail. Citizen input will matter.

Presently, the Congress is ineffectual. The American experiment is floundering. Canada, Germany, France and Britain representation is 1/97,000-1/135.000. Local respected folks can run without huge money and connections.

Gerald Weitz, Viola