Letters to the Editor

Massie letter: NFL protests

A lot has been said about pro athletes taking a knee at the playing of our national anthem. Some think that they disrespect our flag, the national anthem and those who have served and presently serve our country. These athletes don’t turn their back on our flag or our national anthem. I see their kneeling as mourning for our country and the state it is in. This is all about prejudice, racial, gender, religious, moral, even in the clothes worn.

We all have prejudices, but we need to work to overcome these and be more tolerant of all our citizens. Like it or not, all of this country’s citizens are not treated equally, or fairly. The national anthem says “for the land of the free,” but many of our citizens have had their freedom and their rights stepped on.

If you make a prejudicial comment, joke or phrase, please make yourself aware of your action and work to try not to make that mistake again. No one is perfect, but we should try to make ourselves the best we can be and treat others as we’d like to be treated. We must try to heal our country, please.

Hugh Massie, Boise