Letters to the Editor

Lanza letter: Boise schools

I first met Boise Superintendent Don Coberly in 2011, when I was one of the parents organizing opposition to the Luna Laws. I got to know Coberly’s team well during the campaign I chaired that overturned those laws, and while co-chairing a successful campaign to pass a temporary school levy in Boise (both in 2012). I’ve been impressed with their professionalism and caring, and Boise voters have shown their support by willingly raising their taxes for our schools repeatedly.

I was opposed to the recent proposal to start the school year a week earlier beginning next year. As a father of two teenagers, I’ve seen the myriad forces that cut into family time, and August is an important time for families. But I also understand why secondary school teachers want to conduct end-of-term testing before the holiday break. I appreciate that our school district was willing to figure out a compromise that achieves that goal while only starting school two days earlier, instead of a week (and on a Monday instead of Wednesday, an almost inconsequential shift).

Boise has great schools and voters who appreciate them. This letter is my apple to all of our educators.

Michael Lanza, Boise