Letters to the Editor

Waters letter: Donald Trump

I have become very anti-Trump. Initially, I wanted him to succeed. Soon my support turned to alarm; Trump’s priority is his own self-aggrandizement. Disagreement is met with immature, vitriolic tweets. He is unleashing his fury at the Senate for fulfilling their mandate as a co-equal branch of government: checks and balances. His expectation of fealty goes against the principles of our republic. So does the way we are being governed by the executive branch. White House staff deploy tricks to rein this president in, delaying in the hope that Trump will forget his command or lose interest. The military is refusing to do his bidding on certain issues, contradicting the Constitution.

The first job of government: Keep us safe. Trump flunked Presidency 101 by barking his way to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. Trump has also issued thinly veiled threats against Iran and Venezuela.

To survive the Trump presidency, we must resign ourselves to fixing his disasters at the state level. We must stop party-centric bickering, which only drives people to the fringe. Trump makes it OK to excoriate those we disagree with; that is wrong. We need each other.

Maryellen Waters, Boise