Letters to the Editor

Thode letter: Donald Trump

This letter is being sent to both Idaho senators, Crapo and Risch, and to my congressman, Mike Simpson, but could as easily go to almost all Republicans in the House and Senate.

I’m writing to ask you why you have not spoken out against the outrageous and dangerous statements made recently by President Donald Trump regarding international policy. Set aside his uneven, ineffective and destructive actions related to domestic affairs. I’m concerned about his governing by Twitter, especially with respect to North Korea, Iran and our international partners. The statements he makes threatening Kim Jong Un, planning to cancel the nuclear treaty with Iran, and generally causing our allies to lose faith in our ability to carry out a reasonable agenda of international affairs are deeply troubling. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee has spoken out against Trump and says most of his colleagues are similarly concerned but are unwilling to say so. Why haven’t you spoken out? Do you really think the electorate is happy with Trump’s behavior to the extent they’d vote you out of office if you opposed Trump publicly? Show some courage and join Senator Corker in voicing your concerns.

Walt Thode, Boise