Letters to the Editor

Brooks letter: Donald Trump

Clearly President Trump is lacking presidential skills, has no intention of learning, is a risk taker at our expense, and has not chosen the “very best people” in his Cabinet.

The public is aware of this, but when is the Idaho congressional delegation going to stand up for the country rather than their party loyal status at any cost?

We know Trump is unreliable and irresponsible who may push the United States into a war or other international disparages, but the question is when do Crapo, Risch, Simpson and Labrador draw the line to be responsible and reliable? My view is the president needs to be removed from office; however, I would expect each of them would at least question his remarks to the country and the international community.

Considering the president’s Cabinet continues to fall apart, now we hear Kelley suggested to the president in a nuanced way that if Secretary of State Rex Tillerson left, the retired general’s own ability to do his job properly could be at risk, sources familiar with the conversation said.

The discussion between the president and his top aide came as whispers about how long Kelly is going to last are getting louder.

Robert B. Brooks, Boise