Letters to the Editor

Griffin letter: Elect Debbie Kling

I endorse Debbie Kling for mayor of the great city of Nampa. She is motivated, she is a leader and she is experienced. Debbie has shown time and time again that she cares about the city of Nampa and that she truly wants to see it grow, flourish and develop into the thriving city it can and will be. Debbie and her team are working endlessly to improve her plan of success for Nampa and to make sure that Nampa is nothing short of being great. From my experience with working with other candidates in professional settings, it’s been nothing short of unproductive and unsuccessful. ... Debbie is able to differentiate what’s right from wrong and will ultimately make the best decision for Nampa, not potential sponsors. She will be a strong, passionate leader and she will make the positive changes that Nampa needs and deserves. Vote Debbie Kling for mayor of Nampa.

Sebastian Griffin, Nampa