Letters to the Editor

Weber letter: Open space levy

When Boise residents went to the polls two years ago and overwhelmingly passed a levy to protect Boise’s clean water and open space, they showed a love for their community, their foothills and their waterways. Not for just a moment, but for generations to come.

On Election Day, Nov. 7, there will be a ballot measure to correct a clerical error that prevented the 2015 approved levy from being properly assessed in the first fiscal year. The terms of the levy won’t change — just the dates of collection. The levy will still be subject to a citizens advisory committee and an annual audit. Additionally, the city has taken steps to prevent such a clerical error from happening again.

Yes, mistakes were made — but we love Boise, we love the winding trails, streams and open spaces. Together we need to pass this levy amendment to continue to safeguard Boise’s clean water, wildlife, recreation areas and native plants.

The Boise for Clean Water and Open Space levy funds are necessary for the future of our open spaces; we must be proactive in our plans for growth so that our foothills and waterways remain the assets they are now.

Lana Weber, Boise