Letters to the Editor

High Letter: Elect Frank Walker

Boise deserves the very best. Frank Walker can deliver that. Thus, we write to support Frank Walker’s candidacy for the Boise City Council. His background and experience are such that he understands both city issues and the relationships Boise has with other public entities. For example, Frank has served as an Ada County Commissioner, as Garden City’s attorney, and as a Deputy Attorney General whose main focus was local government issues. All of that gives Frank a unique perspective on the how-to’s of developing policies and programs that are accountable to the public and respond to public needs. In other words, he understands city-to-county, city-to-state, and city-to-city relationships. He’s already familiar with city budgeting and is committed to spending tax dollars wisely. He’s about as job-ready as any new City Council member could ever be. Frank is smart, open-minded, and good humored to boot, which is a plus for any deliberative body.

David and Lindy High, Boise