Letters to the Editor

Nelson letter: BSU football

We have had BSU season tickets for many years. We were fans long before it was “kool” to support BSU — years prior to when they became “famous.” Point being, we are not fair weather or bandwagon fans. Though we were unable to attend the most recent home game against Virginia, we have heard from many who were there that the fans actually had the audacity to boo the players and coaches on their home turf. The Idaho Statesman also reported this fact in their coverage titled “Hideous at Home.” This sort of fan behavior and Idaho Statesman coverage (use of word “hideous”) is an embarrassment to the city of Boise. Do you honestly think this motivates these 18-21-year-old players or their coaches? Do you honestly think they deserved this reaction/lack of support? BSU fans are truly spoiled regarding what a “normal” football season looks like. The BSU football program has put the city of Boise on the national/global map with their solid/consistent success over the past 20 years. Those who booed or are now boycotting going to games should be ashamed. Players and coaches deserve better than this.

Ann C. Nelson, Boise