Letters to the Editor

Traubel letter: American culture

Trump is merely a speedbump.

They won. The Left diluted American culture through their relentless drum beat of the “virtue” of (radical) diversity — so much so that we can no longer defend tradition without being branded intolerant racists.

It took only two generations for the Left to brainwash us and deliver a new majority with no objection to replacing America with a Marxist tyranny run by Godless bureaucratic elites.

The Diversity Movement is the strategy that brought about America’s Cultural Revolution. Using propaganda that would be the envy of North Korea, the Left promotes the Big Lie about the character of America.

The Big Lie is amplified through public schools, universities, the popular media, the courts and Hollywood. These are self-validating, overlapping sources of propaganda. They echo misinformation and control the language and debate thereby washing our brains to accept the casting of American tradition as the villain and organized collectivist camps its victims.

The culture that built America walked to the back of the bus in a trance. Those lucid enough to resist are now being shoved there.

Political correctness is the hammer and our ignorance is the anvil. We’ve come to believe cultural suicide reflects moral superiority.

Doug Traubel, Boise